Repointing is a process that involves removing and replacing mortar between the bricks. The mortar is carefully removed to an approximate depth of 15-20mm, then replaced. The most popular joints used are weather struck or flush joint, both mortar mixes are lime based.

Why Repoint?

If the mortar between the bricks is crumbling or missing then you are open to water ingress which could lead to dampness. Pointing is the primary weather proofing to exterior buildings . If some areas of pointing are missing or weak we are able to carry out patch repointing.

The Benefits of Repointing:

Protects against water ingress (weathering)
Increases the value of your home.
Restores your brickwork to its original condition
Cost effective and looks great.

Repointing and Brick repairs to soft reds in Wimbledon Park, SW19 London

Dye Removal (Before)
Dye Removal (Before)

Dye Removal (Before)

Brick Cleaning and Weather struck Repointing to Yellow stocks Highgate, N6.

Weather struck Repointing Tooting, SW17.

Dye Removal (Before)